Show Stinging Bugs the Door

We provide wasp, hornet and bee removal services in the Madera, CA area

Maybe you only saw a few wasps at first. But now you're dealing with a full-blown infestation of stinging insects. While you might be tempted to surrender the infested area of your property to the bugs, you should know that Ridx Pest Control can reclaim your territory.

We provide pest removal services in and around the Madera, CA area. You can count on us for:

  • Wasp removal services
  • Hornet removal services
  • Bee removal services
We can also remove carpenter bees. While they don't usually sting people, they can drill tunnels into wood siding and posts. Protect your property by scheduling carpenter bee removal or other insect removal services today.

Getting rid of stinging insects isn't a do-it-yourself job

Getting rid of stinging insects isn't a do-it-yourself job

If you try to address the infestation by yourself, you could disturb the nest - and the insects that defend it. Avoid getting stung by calling Ridx Pest Control for bee, hornet or wasp removal services right away. We'll deal with the infestation safely and ensure that the insects don't return.