Bird Netting: An Effective and Humane Pest Control Solution

The damage caused by birds that are considered a nuisance can be rather expensive. Especially when they congregate, nest, and defecate under the eaves, canopies, factories, garages, hangars, and other roofs.

Humane methods exist for eliminating unwanted avian species. Bird netting is a highly efficient method.

However, before discussing the merits of bird netting, it is essential to consider the drawbacks of inaction.

The Drawbacks of Inaction

When unwanted birds shop in storage facilities, their waste may wreak havoc on high-priced goods stored at loading docks. It’s common knowledge that unwanted birds flock to enclosed spaces. This can affect a wide range of commercial establishments.

  • Loading dock doors, windows, access panels, forklifts, and chain-driven power lifts can all become dysfunctional if subjected to such precipitation.
  • Particles from droppings that fall from the sky may land on electrical panels and outlets, causing harm.
  • Another issue is that birds poop can make floors slippery, endangering the safety of both employees and customers.
  • Birds in airplane storage areas can cause a wide variety of issues. Any debris, such as feathers, droppings, or other flying objects that makes their way into the engines, poses a severe threat. It can jam up essential parts and cause the engines to shut down in the middle of a flight.

Both public and commercial entities may face serious legal consequences as a result. For this reason, It becomes clear how helpful bird netting could be.

The Health Hazard

Besides the strucutral damage of bird droppings, the feces of these invasive birds might carry and spread any one of sixty different diseases. Wild birds like pigeons and sparrows can carry salmonella-causing germs. Ornithosis is a virus that feral pigeons spread, similar to human pneumonia.

Bird poop, nesting materials, and birds can also harbor insects and mites. These pests target warehouses because of the abundance of food, clothing, and other potential nesting materials. There are other reasons why bird netting is essential.

Bird Netting: A Practical Solution

A rising number of business users have found that bird netting is an effective and humane way to reduce bird populations. Color options range from white and stone gray to jet black.

Black bird netting is impervious to filth and dust and offers natural protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When properly installed, this sort of bird netting is unnoticeable.

To prevent unwanted birds, you can purchase bird netting in various mesh sizes. A mesh size of 1-1/8″ to 2″ is ideal for large birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

Smaller sizes are available for birds like sparrows and starlings. Some netting is treated to resist the effects of the sun, fire, rot, and water, making it endure much longer.

High-strength polyethylene is used to make heavy-duty bird netting. Also, knotted polyethylene bird netting may be purchased with a burst strength of up to 40 pounds and made with U.V.-treated string for increased durability.

Many of these nets can withstand high temperatures without melting. Suitable for places that get too hot to stand.

Aviation hangars, warehouses, and other large structures require thousands of square feet of bird netting and specialized lifts and power equipment to keep the airspace free of annoying flying pests. To be enclosed, the mesh should be tied to a cable strung around the outside space.

It’s simple to see why bird netting is such a practical solution if you’re the facilities manager responsible for a hangar, warehouse, or other large structure. You can’t afford the difficulties of nuisance birds invading your space.


Bird netting is an effective and humane pest control solution. This physical barrier prevents birds from accessing areas where they are not welcome, such as gardens, crops, and windowsills. It is also safe for birds, as it does not use chemicals or traps. This makes bird netting an affordable and easy-to-use solution for keeping birds away from your home or business.

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