How to Control Wasps and Yellow Jackets in Businesses

Your business must be adaptable to change. As summer ends, you must identify the incoming factors that could affect your business, including the rise of stinging insects. 

Wasps are one of the top pests of the hot season, notorious for their aggressive behavior, narrow waists, and smooth, shiny, and bright-colored exteriors. These pesky insects emerge at the end of the summer because they spend the season building their nests, leading to rapid reproduction. 

Nobody wants to enter a commercial establishment infested with wasps because their stings are highly hazardous. This article will tackle the hotspots and what you can do to control your wasp infestation.

3 Hotspots for Wasps

If you want to save your business, our pest control experts will discuss the three commercial hotspots for wasps. 

1. Campgrounds

Stinging insects build their nests in campgrounds in trees, shrubs, hedges, or the ground. While you can’t prevent them from setting up their camp in their natural habitat, you can keep them away from guests by regularly cleaning picnic areas and emptying garbage cans. You must also trim and landscape areas with more people. Otherwise, the wasps will drive away current and potential guests.

2. Open Restaurants 

Wasps are highly attracted to sweet and protein-rich foods, especially if you have an open-air eating space during the fall season. 

You can control this pest problem by reducing the number of food sources. Cover all trash cans, distance them from open-air eating spaces, and remove areas with standing water. You can also provide wasps with different food sources with traps, but it won’t work for hornets or paper wasps. Call your local pest control services if you spot a recognizable nest in the area. 

3. Multi-Unit Housing Properties

Wasps are more likely to swarm in multi-unit housing properties with gardens or grilling spaces. You can avoid them by keeping gardens far from your property and regularly trimming your lawn to prevent ground nesters. It’s also best to seal holes and cracks so they can’t enter the building. Moreover, ask your tenants to maintain a clean outdoor space. 

How to Keep Them Away

After discussing the three commercial hotspots, this section will tackle what your business can do to control your wasp problem. 

1. Use Traps Carefully

While wasp traps can help with infestations, you must use them carefully to avoid harming other people or animals. If you use wasp traps, don’t put them near doors or crowded areas. Instead, set them in places far from people to draw them away. 

2. Clean Up Outdoor Spills and Food Debris

Once a wasp finds food, other wasps will follow. You can prevent an infestation by keeping a clean outdoor eating space. This habit can also avoid other pests like ants, birds, flies, and rodents. 

3. Clean Outdoor Trash Containers Regularly

Pest control services don’t recommend cleaning trash containers in the morning because that’s when wasps are out to find food. Instead, commercial facility owners must regularly empty dumpsters and trash containers before closing, especially during warm days and wasp season. Clean the trash containers of sweet liquids, food, or leftover fruits. 

4. Clean the Dumpster Site

Commercial facility owners must do more than keep clean dumpsters and trash cans. They must also ensure the dumpster site is free from spills and sweet substances to contain their wasp problems. 

5. Reduce Spillage

You can control your wasp infestation by double-bagging garbage bags and disposing of them carefully to avoid snags, rips, and leaks. 

6. Call Pest Control 

If you took all preventive measures and still have wasps swarming your area, don’t hesitate to call pest control services immediately. 

Buzzing Off Unwanted Guests

Stinging insects such as wasps, bees, and yellow jackets can negatively impact business operations and guests. Fortunately, you can keep them at bay by maintaining a clean space and calling pest control services. 

RidX Pest Control offers professional pest control in Bakersfield, California to help commercial facilities with their stinging insect problems. Contact us now to enjoy a wasp-free establishment!