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Show Your Unwanted Guests the Door

Are you sharing your space with unwanted critters? Your home is one of the most comfortable places in the world, but a pest or rodent infestation can change that quickly- call a pest control company that can handle them for you! RidX Pest Control offers effective and affordable pest control services in Madera, CA. We also provide animal trapping for rats, mice and squirrels.

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Why work with RidX Pest Control?

Why work with RidX Pest Control?

All of our Madera & Fresno, CA, exterminators receive thorough training to identify where pests are entering your property and effectively eradicate them. Best of all, we're here any time you need us. 

  1. We are family owned and operated 
  2. We offer 24/7 Emergency Pest and Rodent control services
  3. We have eliminated rodent, insect and bird infestations in the Madera, California area for over 19 years
  4. We have the equipment and expertise to keep your home and business protected from all types of pests.

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