Do You Have Unwelcomed Guests in Your Home?

Fast and effective residential pest control services in Madera & Fresno, CA

If you’re sharing your home with unsightly, destructive and potentially dangerous pests, call Ridx Pest Control today. Our family owned, local extermination company has been helping local families in Madera, California keep their homes free of pests for over 19 years. Call today to request an inspection and call any time for immediate extermination services for your home in Madera or Fresno, CA.

All homes are susceptible to pests. By the time you see them, they have probably already settled in your home. Even if you haven’t noticed pests, it is important to identify and treat potential areas that pests could enter your home to prevent future infestations. The trained exterminators at Ridx Pest Control pinpoint these areas and provide solutions to keep you and your family free from pests year round.

Termites could be causing structural damage to your home

Keeping your home free of pests prevents you and your family from coming into contact with offensive and potentially dangerous critters, but it also protects your home from damage. Termite infestations are one of the leading causes of structural damage to homes in the Madera or Fresno, CA, area and they could be affecting the structural integrity of your home. Bird and rodent infestations can soil your property and often produce minor property damage. For a free inspection of these pests and others and reliable treatment, call Ridx Pest Control today.

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