Tips to Prevent Rodents from Chewing Your Electrical Wirings

Rats or mice chewing on electrical wires is a natural occurrence. Unlike humans, rodents’ teeth don’t stop growing. They need to keep chewing something to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. 

Wires are attractive to them because they are round and easy to hold while gnawing. Chewing on wires also helps to keep their teeth sharp! Additionally, rodents use wires to build their tiny homes and hide. 

There are some clear signs that you have a rat or mouse infestation in your house, such as:

  • You actually see mice or rats chewing on wires 
  • You hear a scratching noise coming from behind the walls 
  • You see bite marks on wires and cables 
  • You find their nest and droppings 
  • The lights in your house or microwave flicker 
  • Appliances stop working 
  • The circuits trip
  • There are frequent power surges

Hazard of Rodents Chewing Wires

Mice chewing through wires is the leading cause of electric failures and fires. In fact, in the United States, electrical malfunctioning was the second leading cause of house fires from 2012 to 2016, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

You shouldn’t ignore it if you notice a mouse or rat infestation in your home. They reproduce quickly, and their population can grow out of control. A rat and mouse can have hundreds of babies in a short amount of time.

Preventing Rodents from Chewing Wires

To prevent rodents from chewing wires, you can take the following steps:


Eliminate them as quickly as possible by setting up traps or baits, and call a professional pest control company that specializes in rodent removal services.

Cover the Wires

Use hard covering on wires, like plastic or steel. This way, rodents can’t chew on them.

Ensure That Entry and Exit Points Are Sealed

Remember that rats can fit through the smallest of openings. Make sure to block off all potential entrances and exits.

Call an Electrician to Inspect Electrical Wiring

Don’t try to deal with a rodent problem on your own. Call a professional electrician to check for signs of rodents and evaluate the situation. They have the necessary experience to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Ignoring the issue will only lead to more damage and higher costs down the road.

Cut Trees Whose Branches Reach the Roof

Cut any trees near your house, especially those with branches hanging over your roof. This will stop squirrels and rats from getting in.

Protect Your Territory

Keep checking and inspecting every corner of your house regularly. This will make the rodents afraid, and they will avoid your home. You will also be able to catch any mischief at an early stage before they turn into a colony thanks to their fast reproduction rate. 


Electrical damage due to rodents chewing on wires can happen quickly. Be sure to follow the precautions mentioned above and watch out for signs of damage. More importantly, call a professional at the first signs of infestation to prevent it from worsening. 

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