Creepy Crawley: 5 Obvious Signs of a Spider Infestation

Spiders are essential to the cycle of life, but they can be highly annoying. Many people do not have a problem with spiders for as long as they live outside their homes. When spiders decide to enter our homes and venture into our bedrooms, this can be scary and sometimes even dangerous, even if you are not an arachnophobe.

Spiders often come out during warmer months. In preparation for spider invasion, we have gathered tips from seasoned pest control in Madera on determining if you have an infestation. Here they are:


Signs of spider infestation include prominent webs. Spiders build webs either in corners or in the center of their room. One of the most impressive species is the orb weavers, whose creation can be seen during dewy mornings. 

Seasoned pest control companies warn that spiderwebs are not the same as cobwebs. Spider webs have heavy clumps or a net comprising fine silk. On the other hand, cobwebs are made of tangled fibers. The latter is typically empty while the former is currently being built or contains an egg sac. 

Egg Sacs 

Newly hatched spiders are generally too small for us to see. However, we can still identify the spider eggs by looking for sacs or sac-like holders. The sac is a transparent casing that can be as big as a dime. They are typically found in corners and crevices like shelving units and underneath rugs.

Spiders do not lay eggs randomly. They choose a safe place to build an egg sac. The color of the egg sac will vary depending on the species. The spider eggs are usually cream, white, or green. Some species have transparent egg sacs.

Excess of Flying Insects

If you see more flies and other insects in your house than you are used to, you may have a problem with your hands. Spiders keep the population of these flying insects in check because the latter is the favorite food of the former.  

If you have arachnophobia, you might be creeped out by this. However, you can find a way to appreciate it. Spiders are very good at eliminating insects.    

Unfortunately, spider populations can get out of hand quickly if left alone. You might want to contact reliable pest control in Madera before it gets out of hand.

Spider Droppings

Spider droppings are generally found in corners and basements. Some species can leave droppings on their webs.

Spider droppings are liquid and black. If you have noticed the latter on the web, it is time you cleaned up your home. If you have old furniture or cabinets, you should check if they are infested.

Dark, Moist Areas

Dark, moist areas are favorite places for spiders because they can easily hide their eggs. Check the dark corners of your home and examine the underside of sinks. These are the ideal habitats for spiders.


Spiders may be vital to the circle of life, but it does not mean that you want them in your home. If you notice the signs mentioned earlier, you should take action against them.

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