5 Obvious Signs You Have Termite Infestation in Your Walls

Termites are tiny, sneaky pests. Thousands of termites can live in your walls, destroying the wood and causing costly damage. Of course, you won’t know about the infestation until you have extensive damage. To avoid this situation, have your home inspected for termites annually by a pest control company.

You can prevent costly repairs and damage by taking preventative measures. For instance, you should seal any cracks in your home and keep the vents in your attic sealed with screens. Also, make sure to get rid of wood lying outside since termites are attracted to it.

Here are five obvious signs you have a termite infestation on your walls:

1. Presence of Swarmers

If you notice flying insects in your house, they are probably termites. Flying termites are called swarmers, and they are the reproductive force of the colony. These winged creatures will swarm your home during the breeding season, which lasts from spring to early summer.

They can also gather outside your home, which could indicate that there is a termite swarm along your home’s walls. However, these insects may be confused with flying ants. To confirm for yourself, remember that termites have a straight abdomen while flying ants have a slightly bent abdomen.

2. Mud Tunnels

If you see small, narrow tunnels in your home, it may be evidence of a termite infestation. The tunnels are made out of mud, which assists the termites in traveling through the walls. Termites will leave behind mud tunnels if they invade the inside of a wall.

The tunneling may also cause damage to the outside of your wall. Termites will chew through the wood and cause the walls to bulge. You may also notice that your home has become more humid, which is a sign of a water problem, such as a leak.

3. Crumbling, Peeling, or Sagging Walls

If you notice crumbling, peeling, or sagging wood inside or outside your home, it is likely the result of termite infestation. Termites create galleries in the wood, which allows them to travel through the walls. When the galleries are created, they will damage the wood.

4. Hollow Sounds When You Tap Your Walls

If you tap on your walls and hear a hollow sound, you may have termites. The insects hollow out sections of the wood, making it easier to travel inside the walls. They will fill in their gallery with dirt when they are done traveling. The sound of the wood is the dirt filling in the wood.

5. Mold and Wetness

You may also have termites if you observe mold on your walls or signs of water damage. Termites go through your walls and cause leaks. This leads to mold and water damage and produces a musty odor.

Moreover, termites are attracted to water, so if you have moisture problems, it may be due to a plumbing leak. This makes it even easier for termites to get in and start an infestation.


Since termites are so small, it can be difficult to identify infestations. The best damage prevention method is to have your home inspected by a pest control professional. An inspection is beneficial to both homeowners and insurance companies. It can help you save money on repairs, lower your insurance premium and protect your home against termite infestation.

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